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Our Story

Problem & Solution

In today's fast-paced and unpredictable world, we all suffer more stress and restless sleep. Many people are utilising a weighted blanket as part of their daily relaxation and healthy sleep regime and wondering how they ever did without one.

Between busy schedules and constant notifications, alarming world news and growing stressors, many of us struggle to fall asleep.

You don't need to be suffering from a health condition to benefit from deep pressure therapy; everyone can reap the benefits of deep pressure stimulation via a high-quality, Kuddle Sleep products.

Our Commitment & Motivation

We started Kuddle Komfort Australia with the simple desire to build the best weighted blanket. The result of our journey is not only great products, but the amazing benefits it can provide to the community. We’re consistently motivated to keep making our products better and hold ourselves accountable to treat our customers right. That includes using materials and fabrics that other companies consider far too expensive.

For us, making a product that you are excited to use every day is all that matters.

Our Passion

We at Kuddle Komfort Australia, aim to improve your sleep and reduce stress with science-backed solutions. We have created a range of world-class weighted blankets and related products designed to promote relaxation and peace in people of all ages.

Kuddle Komfort Australia Pty Ltd is proudly Australian Owned & Operated.

Join the revolution and try our most advanced ZeroTie weighted blanket today.